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Fantasy MMORPG games like RuneScape Games are a great source of entertainment. RuneScape is a Multiplayer Online games but now it offers non-browser version as well. These games are about the game tasks you to explore, complete a number of Quests, fight off vicious monsters and collect resources. everybody wants Games like runescape now. Here we are presenting you a list of them.

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Now we are going to discuss Games like RuneScape

#1. AdventureQuest Worlds

It is very popular game. You able to pick a character from four different classes and the classes are Healer, Rogue, Mage & Warrior. When you pick a character then you can fight with enemies. You will earn reputation to level-up and add abilities to your inventory. It has many adventures, quests, and styles.

Adventure Quest World

#2. Drakensang Online

It is an online video game. It lets you take the battle to slay the monsters in order to save the world. It provides four character classes such as Mages, Rangers, Knights, and Dwarves. You can choose any character and each character has own specific qualities & skills.

You can do various tasks in it like explore the world, interact with NPCs, complete challenging quests and collect epic loots from the dungeons.

Drakensang Online

#3. World of Warcraft

It is a very popular game. It gives the fictional world of Azeroth. It has 13 different races to choose them and each race gets their own of classes. If you want to play as human then choose Alliance or if you want to play as an Orc then choose Horde. It is a complex game that offers a lot of options. It has many things such as beautiful regions, level-up, meet friends, defeat monsters, collect mounts and so on.

World of Warcraft

#4. Cabal Online: One of the best Games like Runescape

It is a great source of entertainment which offers many features such as 3D graphics, powerful backstory and combination of MMO & RPG rudiments. It provides PvP & PvE environments to enjoy combat. PvE offers a great deal of grinding and quests which are dungeon-based combats. The PvP provides you to engage in Duels, Guild-based combats and war-oriented.

Cabal Online

#5. Neverwinter: Best MMOS like Runescape

It is an action game. You can choose one of eight classes, discover the city and level up in the game by killing monsters and completing quests. This game is mainly focused on the fighting. When you reach at 15 levels then you can design your own quests that can be implemented into the game.


#6. Villagers and Heroes

It is a Mystical Land which offers fun activities, freedom of exploration, various mechanics, Hunter, Warriors, Wizards, and Priests. It offers loads of profession which allows you to create your character with customize option. You can do various activities like gather resources, trade items, design your virtual home, manage a farm, raise animals and sell your products.                                                                        Villagers and Heroes

#7. EverQuest2

It is a Quests and character customization oriented Fantasy game. It provides to add new line-up of characters, innovative customization mechanism, exploration and more races & classes. It also provides help to your friends if they need a hand with getting into the game world. You can make parties with low-level players and help them to improve their some skills.


#8. Light of Darkness

It is an action-adventure You can travel backward in time in order to save the world from the devastation. You are able to customize your character with various skills and abilities. It has loads of character options available so you can play as various characters in Light of Darkness. It has 3D visuals effect and uses various fighting techniques.

Light of Darkness

#9. ArcheAge

It provides an innovative approach to its core elements. It offers a variety of Content, Unique Housing System, Change the game world around you for progressing, gender choices for characters among four characters, customize the characters etc. It has Both Land and sea-based combats. It has various features like resource collection, exploration, crafting etc.


#10. Wartune

It is an Action-Adventure, Role-playing, Multiplayer Online, a Fantasy-based and Browser-based video game. It has 3 characters such as Warrior, Mages, and Archers. You are able to play Wartune in player vs. player, player vs. environment, co-op or solo modes. It has mind-blowing graphics. In this, you fight with monsters because monsters are the enemies so that you need to kill by using various crafting methods.


This was our list of top 10 Games like Runescape. If you have anything else to share, please do comment below or Contact us directly.

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