Apple Homepod Speaker

At its annual World Wide Developers Conference, Apple Inc introduced a Siri-powered smart speaker called the HomePod to compete with inc’s Alexa assistant and Echo devices for users who prefer voice-operated systems for shopping, planning & other tasks. The speaker is a gateway to other Apple products and a showcase for Apple’s voice AI assistant, Siri. It is the internet-connected speaker and the Apple HomePod Speaker produces a high-quality sound.

Apple says that all the information gathers in the encrypted form on the Apple HomePod and sent to Apple anonymously. It starts with the starting command that is “Hey Siri”. So the speaker only sends information to Apple when it detects the command “Hey Siri”.

Apple will start shipping of the HomePod to the United States, Britain, and Australia in December for $349 in white and space gray colors. But Apple didn’t reveal any detail about how the HomePod might work with third-party apps. The Apple HomePod would not go on sale for a number of months.

The Apple HomePod Speaker is going to reinvent music in the home just like iPod reinvented music on our pocket. So the Apple HomePod device has invented to enjoy music wirelessly throughout our homes. It can get your music library directly from the cloud.

apple homepod speaker

Features of Apple HomePod Speaker

It includes many features that are following:

  • It is connected the speaker with lines up just under 7 inches tall; priorities sound quality alongside its smart credentials.
  • It is covered in “acoustic” mesh which creates a powerful distortion-free sound that offers real-time acoustic modeling.
  • It is powered by Apple’s A8X processor which is called smarts controlling brain.
  • It has 4-inch apple-designed woofer.
  • It has 6 microphone arrays so that when you talk it and say those magic words “Hey, Siri”. Then you see a wave from light up on the top and it is ready to accept your command.
  • It has beam-forming tweeter technology that offers directional control which is used to control various elements such as vocals and reverb.
  • The speaker has a unique awareness skill which allows sensing its location within a room and attuning its audio output accordingly.
  • It has impressive audio and a range of voice controls.
  • The cost of this product is $349.

Structure of apple homepod

Services Provided by Apple HomePod Speaker

The Apple HomePod is a smart assistant. The usage of Apple HomePod Speaker is very huge. It provides many facilities that are mentioned below:

  • You can send text messages to anyone.
  • It tells about the weather conditions of a particular location.
  • You can check news and sports scores.
  • You can control the home gadgets like light bulbs, thermostats etc.
  • You can set the reminders, timers on it.
  • Siri can interpret what you are saying. You can even be sat across the room when loud music is playing. It offers instant translation and letting you use Messages with your voice because the speakers will work with a range of HomeKit-enabled smart home devices.
  • With the help of HomeKit devices set up, you can say simple things such as turn the temperature up of your air conditioner, turn the lights on, close the blinds half way etc. It is HomeKit base built into the Apple HomePod so that you can control your home anywhere in the world using your iPhone.
  • The Apple adds one concept that tells how the speaker will protect your privacy.
  • You can also check the detail description about music, movies and TV shows on the Apple TV.

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