Free Encryption Software

Free Encryption Software : When we need to protect our Pc data from an unauthorized access we need to use Encryption Software. Encryption Software will protect your digital information from unauthorized access by using cryptography.

Cryptography will not only protect information which is saved on a computer but will also protect the data that is sent to another computer VIA the internet.

We all know that devices are not encrypted by default we have to use particular encryption software in order to secure our data.

Free Encryption Software : Top List

In this article, we will discuss 15 Free Encryption Software’s that you can use to encrypt data :

#1 Gpg4win

This encryption software offers the truckload of options that you are going to love once you get hang of Gpg4win.

This software is a graphical front end for GnuPG which implement the Open PGP encryption standard, which will help you to secure not only your data but also many more things. This software enables users to transport emails and files securely with help of digital signatures.

Free Encryption Software

#2 AxCrypt : Free Encryption Software

If you are looking for simple software that can encrypt your files and folders, then you are going to love Axcrypt. This encryption software is easy to use and any one can use this software.

It works very well with windows to compress, encrypt, decrypt, send, store and work with files. One must try this software as it’s really easy to use and will do all the basic encryption for your data.

#3 Vera Crypt

This software is very popular file encryption software program that will encrypt data with top grade encryption. It works well by creating the password to protect encrypted volumes and also encrypt entire disk partitions which include system partition and hard drive. One must give a try to this tool for data encryption.

#4 Disk Cryptor : Free Encryption Software

Descriptor is for those who are looking for a robust and feature laden disk encryption program. The descriptor is very easy to understand has really clean UI that will encrypt your data. This hard drive encryption software offers encryption of all disk partition including the system partition.

#5 Symantec Drive Encryption

This encryption software will protect your data for unauthorized access. It is transparent drive encryption software for laptops, desktops and for removable media like USB. This software will protect your personal information and provides machine recovery, local self-recovery, and many other recovery options.

#6 Bit Locker : Free Encryption Software

Bit Locker includes selected editions for windows and is fully featured encryption technique. This software will protect your data providing encryption for entire data. Bit Locker uses AES encryption algorithms in cipher block with a 128 bit or 256-bit key. It will use CBC for each disk sector, not for the whole disk.

#7 Rohos Mini Drive

This best free encryption software will encrypt a partition on USB flash drives. One can protect their files on USB with a password and strong encryption with help of Rohos mini drive. This software will help you to protect your data from unwanted use and will allow you to work with a portable encrypted USB drive partition on any PC.

#8 Cryptainer LE

This software will completely secure your data with the surety of absolute privacy. The powerful 448- bit encryption helps to create 100 MB multiple encrypted drives on your hard disk. You can load and unload these encrypted disk drivers when you need them.

#9 Dekart Private Disk

This disk Firewall or best encryption software will help your PC to protect against Virus, Spyware, and Trojans. It will protect your pc without slowing down your system just like an anti-virus. You will be able to access your data anywhere even if you don’t have administrative rights.

#10 Windows 10 Device Encryption

This is a prebuilt Encryption Software in Windows 10 that will encrypt your drive. For encryption of drive, you need to sign into a window with a Microsoft account.

It will upload recovery key automatically on Microsoft’s server. Open system > About and after this search for “Device Encryption”.

#11 7-Zip : File Encryption Software

This software is known to everyone. It is used to compress big size files into small size. One can use this software as encryption software, you can compress a file and secure them with the help of password. This is a must try encryption soft ware which is very easy to use.

#12 Folder Locker

Folder locker will help you to hide your folder from the original place. This is the best encryption software which is secured by a password which is known as Master Password. For this, you have to select your files and folders that you need to encrypt and lock.

All the files and folder will get locked in a folder lock. You can easily access it by entering the password that you had set for the lock folder.

#13 Challenger

This is a free tool which is used to work on windows. Challenger software has some unique features like portable encryption, cloud storage encryption and much more. This software is available in two versions for private computers. If you chose free version then it has limited features on other side extended version has many features that really help full.

#14 Secure Stick

Secure stick is a media encryption tool that use AES-256 to secure all the stored data on us or any other removable media. For this software, there is no need for administrator rights on your computer to use it. It will work for windows as well as for Mac operating system.

#15 AES crypt

This software uses the industry standard Advanced Encryption standard in order to secure data and this available on several operating systems. While using with windows you need to click on right on the file then select AES encryption with the help of password after this AES will do the entire task by itself.

Above were the top 15 best software’s that are used for encryption of data in windows. We have listed all top 15 software that is very useful for all your needs. We hope that you will choose the best among them according to your own needs and requirement.

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