Best Operating Systems for Hackers

Best Operating Systems for hackersOperating systems are mainly based on the Linux kernel.Hackers always use OS that are based on Linux.

A Hacker is a person who always seeks and exploits your computer system programs and computer networks. Hackers use to motivate by some reasons like a protest, challenges, profits and some other multitude of reasons.

Best Operating Systems for Hackers 2017 Edition

So now, we are going to list some top 10+ operating systems for hackers 2017 are as mentioned below.Here are some favorite OS for hackers which we are going to discuss below:-

Kali Linux

This operating system has been maintained and funded by Offensive Security Ltd. It has been considered popular among hackers. Following are its features:

  • This OS has Backtrack which is known as Kali’s predecessor which is used for the forensic
  • Comes with the 600+ preinstalled pen testing tools to make your security toolbox nicer.
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • It is based on Raspberry Pi and other interesting ARM devices.
  • It has supported platforms like Beagle Bone Black, HP Chromebook, CubieBoard 2, CuBox, CuBox-i, Raspberry Pi, EfikaMX, Odroid U2, Odroid XU, Android XU3, Samsung Chromebook, Utility Pro, Galaxy Note 10.1 and SS808.
Best Operating Systems for Hackers
Kali Linux

Parrot Security OS : Best OS for Hackers

It has been developed by frozen box’s team. It has been created to perform penetration tests, Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation, Computer Forensics and Anonymous Surfing.Parrot Security OS has following features:

  • It has been mainly designed for pen-testing
  • It has forensic boot options which avoid boot automounts.
  • It has a custom interface which has been designed for GPG and crypt setup.
  • Can be used for reverse engineering.
Parrot Security OS

BackBox : Best Operating Systems for Hackers

This OS is Ubuntu-based Linux distribution penetration test and it will also provide toolkit consists of informatics systems analysis. It has following features :

  • Very first cloud platform for pen testing.
  • It has been designed to use easily and can provide the complete desktop environment.
  • It saves your time and can track individual network devices.
  • It is light in weight and has fewer hardware

Samurai Web Testing Framework

It is like a virtual machine that has been supported by Virtual Box and VMware.It is one of Best Operating Systems for Hackers.It consists of best open source and free tool that has been focused on testing and attacking It has following features :

  • It has been based on web pen-testing
  • It has been considered best OS for Web Penetration
  • This OS contains many tools like WebScarab, ratproxy, w3af, Burp Suite, and BeEF.
Samurai Web Testing Framework

Network Security Toolkit

It is also one of the best OS which is used for security testing comes in the form of Live CD and you can directly boot into your computer. NST has following features :

  • You can view ntopng, ntop, Wireshark, traceroute, NetFlow and kismet data.
  • It has built-in object library with JavaScript console and can develop dynamic web pages.
  • You can perform various tasks through a web interface called NST WUI.
Network Security Toolkit
Network Security Toolkit

Pentoo : Best Operating Systems for Hackers

You can use Pentoo as Live CD or USB and for pen testing. It has been based on Gentoo Linux which contains customized tools and kernels. Pentoo has following features :

  • It has packet injection patched Wi-Fi drivers.
  • Many more tools for pen testing and security
  • It has tools like Exploit, Cracker, Database, Scanner etc.
  • Provided with 32 and 64-bit installable LiveCD.
Pentoo : Best Operating Systems for Hackers
Pentoo : Best Operating Systems for Hackers

DEFT Linux

DEFT stands for Digital Evidence and Forensic Toolkit. Based on Ubuntu and software called DART (Digital Advanced Response Toolkit). DEFT Linux has following features :

  • Comes with many forensic tools and documents used by hackers.
  • Loaded with best and free and open source apps used in cyber intelligence, computer forensics.
  • Used by military, law enforcement, private security professional and IT auditors.
DEFT Linux 

Arch Linux

It is called Linux based distribution which has been computer based on IA-32 and x86-64 architectures. It has free and open source software based on community development. Arch Linux has following features :

  • It has rolling release system has one-time installation and software up gradation.
  • Uses Pacman package manager has simple binary
  • This package resides in the streamlined
Arch Linux

Bugtraq :  Best Operating Systems for Hackers

It is like an electronic mailing system which is based on the security of computers. It has the team which has experienced hackers and developers. Bugtraq has following features:

  • This system is available in 11 languages.
  • It has most optimal and distribution automated services in time.
  • Many tools are available like forensic tools and malware testing laboratories
  • It has a huge range of pen testing, forensic tools which are available in 32 Bits & 64 Bits.
Bugtraq OS
Bugtraq OS


This OS has been designed for the security of students and for information security programmers. It has been built on the Ubuntu 10.10 consists of Gnome desktop environment. Blackbuntu has following features :

  • Specially designed for training people who are learning about computer, pen and information security.
  • Some of the tools are included like Privilege Escalation, Maintaining Access, Radio Network Analysis, and VoIP Analysis.

Cyborg Hawk : Best Operating Systems for Hackers 

The most beautiful and advanced pen testing has mainly designed for ethical hackers and cyber security experts. Cyborg Hawk has following features:

  • Many tools can reveal their power.
  • Easy to use due to its design
  • Abnormalities can be coped without examining important components.
Cyborg Hawk : Best OS for Hackers
Cyborg Hawk

So these were Top 10 Best operating systems for hackers which hackers can use wisely and can make good use of them.

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