Microsoft has come up with the latest edition of Windows setting a tough competition for Google Chrome. The latest version of Windows dubbed Windows 10 S is equipped to run any browser from the Windows store. It has also been revealed that the only the Windows store will run on Windows 10 S. This also means that Windows users won’t be able to alter the default browser on the new OS device.

Microsoft Edge will be the default browser of the Windows 10 S. This means that any link in your email will open in the Windows Edge.This also means that search engines like Google Chrome won’t be accessible on Windows 10 S.Google Chrome are the most favored search engine. It would be interesting to see how Windows 10 S users will react to the change.


Windows 10sThe Windows 10 S has been specifically designed to fit in budget-computers. The Windows 10 will also focus towards ensuring the security of its users. The operating system will not allow any app or tool that takes a lenient way to safeguard the security of its users. The Windows Store will have apps that have been duly accepted by the Microsoft after testing and analyzing them on security parameters.

Those who wish to use apps from other stores will be required to gain access to Windows 10 Pro. Microsoft is currently accepting apps and tools that don’t jeopardize or compromise the security of the users or the functionality of other tools. In addition, the apps that would like to be listed in the Windows store should have appropriate HTML and JavaScript supported by Windows Platforms.


Microsoft has taken a pledge to safeguard and protect its users. The apps should be true UWP apps to be listed in the Windows Store. UWP apps can run in a sandbox environment. Moreover, they don’t require access to the overall system. Microsoft has expressed its concern for the apps that have been converted by their developers to list in the Windows Store.

According to Microsoft, the converted apps have a little risk of going out of the sandbox and jeopardizing the privacy of the users. This is the reason why it is rejecting many apps queued to be listed in the Windows Store.

Windows 10 S is not the only operating system rejecting apps. iOS and even ChromeOS have also been rejecting some of the apps as they failed to meet their parameters. Just like a third-party browser cannot be installed on a Chromebook, Windows 10 S won’t accept any third-party browser.

Windows 10 S will be more like a trial and it would be interesting to see how people react to the changes brought in the latest Windows operating system. No wonder, Google Chrome has been a great browsing tool for years and has been used by many irrespective of what operating system they prefer. The market of Google Chrome is almost parallel to that of Windows but will the market be able to accept the change? It is a matter to think and watch for.

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