productivity apps for entrepreneurs

Life of an entrepreneur is filled with challenging situations. It becomes tough for them to maintain a work like balance. There are 10 must-have productivity apps for entrepreneurs that can prove really helpful for them.

Below are 10 Essential Productivity apps for Entrepreneurs.

  1. Evernote

    Evernote Evernote is one of the productivity apps for entrepreneurs that help its users maintain a record of everything whether it expenses or appointments.

  2. Letterspace

    LetterSpace Letterspace uses hashtags to keep thoughts and ideas in one place. Entrepreneurs are often bombarded with many ideas. This amazing productive app can come handy in taking notes and maintain records.

  3. Humin

    HuminEntrepreneurs meet hundreds of people every day. It is difficult to remember every face with name and personality specifics. Humin is one of the productivity apps for entrepreneurs that have been designed to help people maintain a record of the people they meet. The app, in short, prevents in embarrassment forgetting someone’s name. The app comes handy for those who come across hundreds of faces every day. The app finds the most important person from your contacts by maintaining and analyzing the contact, voice mailbox and dialing.

  4. Drop Box

    Dropbox: Using the Drop Box one can instantly share files, documents, photos, videos and a lot more. This tool is mostly used by teams working in two different places. The app makes it easy to collaborate information and maintain a check on the progress of the project.

  5. Audible every entrepreneur is fond of reading. But with the fast-paced life it has become difficult to take out time to read something and here comes the role of Audible. You can audiobooks using the Audible tool. It is one great source of ideas, inspiration, and motivation to keep moving.

  6. TripIt

    TripIt: Triplt is one of the most productivity apps for entrepreneurs. The app helps keep traveling organized. The app has been designed to organize one’s travel by forwarding booking confirmation to the registered email address. The app can be used to schedule and book trips.

  7. Lastpass

    Lastpass: How common it is for someone with a mind occupied with thousand things to forget password? Lastpass is a personal-power manager. It is a paid app. However, a freeware version of it is also available for PCs, laptops, and Macs.

  8. Do

    DoHave a task to be completed and is constantly on your mind? Maintain a record of it with the Any.Do app. The tasks thus entered in the app can be shared with contacts via Facebook and alarms can also be set to keep oneself alert of the task. One can even add a personalized note to the task. Want more? You can also sync the app with other devices.

  9. CamCard

    CamcardLosing a business card can prove costly as you may lose a crucial contact and a contact that is hard to find. CamCard in one app that can scan business cards and send a copy of it to your email as well as save it to your device. The app has been rated at the most productivity apps for entrepreneurs because it lets them enhance their business with all contacts intact. It is a paid app.

  10. Flowdock

    flowdockWant to communicate to your team instantly and share updates? Use Flowdock app to stay in touch with your teammates in a real world. You can drop them a message, ask for an update and keep them motivated with this single app.

Using the aforementioned productivity apps for entrepreneurs business tycoons can easily maintain a record of projects, assignments and more.

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