Shows like Vikings

Vikings is one of the interesting shows for the action lovers and there are many more Shows like Vikings.  This show includes interesting epic war scenes and stunning action scenes.

The story of this show includes one character Ragnar Lothbrok who was a farmer but now he has become the King of Denmark. He plans the terrorist attacks in the France and England with their rigorous invasions.

List of shows like Shows like Vikings

Now, we are going to discuss various Shows like Vikings that are mentioned below: –

#1. Games of Thrones

The list of Shows like Vikings would not be completed without the Games of Thrones. This TV show series includes many features such as snowy mountains, dark dungeons, beautiful scenes, amazing landscapes, shocking betrayals, heart-squeezing deaths, and many more things.

This TV show has lots of series but every season has only 10 episodes in every year. The people have threatened by various creatures that are undead creatures, White Walkers, dangerous monsters and so on. It is the right mixture of humor, violence, heart, and

Games of Thrones

#2. Rome

The Lucius Vorenus, Octavian Augustus, and Titus Pullo etc. are the main characters of this show. The Rome TV show has two seasons. Two seasons contain total 22 episodes.

It is a historical type drama and covers the last days of the Roman Republic before converting into the Autocratic Empire. The storyline of the show also focuses on the fortunes, lives, and families etc of the show’s characters.

The Pullo and Vorenus also organize various historical events that are presented in the series and also influence on them. It contains different kinds of scenes that are violence, profanity, tons of nude scenes and rough sex etc.


#3. The Bastard Executioner

The presence of the Bastard Executioner comes from the Sons of Anarchy and its creator is Kurt Sutter. This storyline is based on the 14th. The main character of this show is Wilkin Brattle who is a former knight soldier and knows better he is enough for war.

It includes lots of blood, gore, violence, storyline, action and so on. Every episode comes with a larger story because in starting episodes, it does not expose so much.

The Bastard Executioner

#4. Black Sails

The plot of this TV show set on the Airing on Starz and also on Treasure Island. Captain Flint is the main character of this show and follows various amazing types of adventures in his golden age.

The world of this TV show series is beautiful as well as dangerous. It is the suitable alternatives of the Shows like Vikings. It contains many things in its storyline such as murder people; rob the money, high-level drama, gore, sex, Pirates and many more.

Captain Flint has a plundered ship and his crew rob the money from the people and then unleash havoc on the ocean.

Black Sails

#5. Marco Polo: Shows Like Vikings

The storyline has made in the 13th. The Marco Polo is a Venetian Explorer who confuses in between the politics and its power struggles of the Mongol Empire. This TV show includes so much greed, sex, political tricks, and fights and so on.

He also takes the training in the art of war, fall into love and then betrayal by his family. It has stunning cinematography, amazing visuals effects, incredible story, and great historical fiction.


Marco Polo

#6. The Borgias

 The story of this TV shows based on the historical fiction. In this, a Borgia family who has a unique power that transfers from generation to generation. In this, they face so many struggles to control their grip on power.

It is the amazing combination of the murders, sex, power struggles and intrigue and so on. The death of Pope Innocent VIII brought the power for Borgia family.

The Borgias

#7. Da Vinci’s Demons

The main character of this TV show is Leonardo Da Vinci. He is sexy and Sherlock in the Middle Ages. The life of Leonardo Da Vinci is filled with the political intrigue, violence, magic, sex, nudity, inventions, lovers and religion etc.

The David Goyer conceived this TV show series. He does struggle with his impulsive imagination and inner demons. The mystic started to guide him to unlock various hidden areas of his mind that are accessed from the Fountain of Memory.

Da Vinci’s Demons

#8. Penny Dreadful

 The Victorian London is a scary place where the demonic creatures roam its streets. So people always need Sir Malcolm Murray, Ethan Chandler and Vanessa guys and they have the capability of controlling these supernatural threats.

During the fog time, this place is not safe for anyone. These three people work together to prevent the people from these demonic creatures. All the characters of this show are brilliant and fulfill with stunning visuals effects.

Penny Dreadful

#9. The Tudors

 The storyline of the Tudors is based on the Henry VIII’s Region which exists in England. The plot of this TV show focus on the control of political situations of his region. He also does struggle for the power.

This TV show has four series and each series contains the interesting It contains so many things like violence, sex, pretty costumes, blood and hot ass men etc.

The Tudors

#10. The Last Kingdom

 This TV show series comes into this category of Shows like Vikings. This story of The Last Kingdom has taken from the series of books that is known as The Saxon Stories. It consists many bone-crunching and heart-wrenching battles with clings of swords.

It also contains lots of amazing actions scenes in it the Danes Capture is a young successor when the invasion takes place in the England and also he raises himself for his native country.

The Last Kingdom

All these shows are the superb alternatives to Shows like Vikings. The plots of these shows contain the drama, action, adventure, and many more things.

Every TV shows have strong storylines and create lots of drama, tricks, suspense, curiosity etc. Every show has various series and each series relates to its previous series.

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