Digital marketing trends will continuously evolve, and before you even know it, a new digital marketing trend will storm the market. As time travel is not possible, marketers cannot fast-forward to the future for ideas on what is the recent digital trend. We all reside in the age of predictions and we have to make a prediction to derive the idea of what’s to come in the future and build a case study for digital marketing in 2021.

As systems continue to advance, all the business leaders are searching new ways and strategies to get ahead of the competition and reach customer requirements. Many are investing in cutting-edge technology to make it more flexible and relevant in the face of consumers. Now we’re about to look into the future and find out what will be the top Digital Marketing Training Class trends for 2021:


Smart Speakers:

The smart speaker is one of the most significant developments in recent years. The growth of smart speakers is a golden opportunity and is soon becoming a major channel for marketers to place advertisements and advertise their goods and services. Marketers are using Alexa or Google home apps to connect with their customers by offering them industry news, relevant products, recent hot topics and more. 

Voice search:

Another development revolutionising the digital marketing world today is the excessive use of the voice search technology. Voice search is changing the way search marketing professionals provide customers with a way of searching or typing their required products or services. It has now created new marketing strategies for digital marketers. There’s an extensive list of things you can do to enhance your site experience for voice search.

Chat bots:

Chatbots are finding many options in digital marketing. The brands are using them to interact with customers better and offer them a better experience. By channelling marketing channels with the point of purchase, chatbots are not only making the customer experience more helpful but also saving their time in purchases. An AI driven chatbot is capable of delivering a personalized experience to clients. They are so helpful that they can even guide someone through a whole process like a bank transaction or complex procedures.

Targeted Marketing

Target Specific Audiences: 

Targeting clients and planning communications specifically for them, is another approach that is gaining pace. Suppose someone likes movies, you can email them movie coupons, as a giveaway so that they will be interested in your marketing pattern. Appealing reference or relevant elements of a particular movie in your email, blog posts, etc should be used to offer a more personalized experience through content, and increase conversions.

Make Product Recommendations:

Knowing your customer’s shopping habits or a past purchase is a great way to advertise your products and services. And that’s the next digital marketing trend you must focus on. More and more ECommerce industries are using this strategy to predict and offer more relevant product recommendations for their consumers.

Communication through private messaging apps

Many of the brand sites are using a log in strategy where you can log in through your facebook or whatsapp account and can chat for relevant or required products and can negotiate deals or price as per your requirements. This also helps the brands to understand the recent trend they have to provide or what designs could be more appealing to the customers.

Nostalgia marketing

We all feel nostalgic by familiar images, music, scents, or tastes that take us back in time. It could be the sound of a vehicle, the scent of pizza in the winter, or a childhood photo. When the experience activates a positive memory, it sparks nostalgia for that special moment or place in our lives and we remember it with a sigh of gladness. It’s this nostalgic feeling that many brands are using to get inside the customer’s head. So much that we are considering nostalgia marketing a major digital marketing trend of 2021.

Some examples of nostalgia marketing are:

1 .Gucci featuring Doraemon and Pokemon logos in their collection

2.  Loewe launched a collaboration of ready to wear and accessories featuring Totoro.

3. Mountain Dew, the beverage brand created a YouTube episode hosted by the late Bob Ross.

The future is wildly unpredictable, but with the digital trends we’ve seen in nostalgic marketing so far, we can say that nostalgic marketing will be at the centre stage for some years.

Staying ahead in the prediction game

Digital marketing trends are focussing on shared experiences to make better products, advertise and market them appropriately, and increase the customer experience in a better way.

This is all you need to know about the recent digital marketing trends for 2021.