Youtube Go Beta

Do you like to stream videos?

But hate to waste time over streaming the full video before downloading?

Many times, when we initiate a download on someone recommendation the videos thus downloaded do not turn out to be as interesting as we expect them to.

How about, if you could preview the videos without even watching them first and then based on your experience download them? Wondering how is that possible?

Well, YouTube Go is here to allow you what you have been dreaming so far. The app is one such app that allows one to preview videos, download them and share them friends and family members.

Google’s YouTube Go is unique in itself as it can work little or almost no internet connection providing its users ultimate entertainment even when they are away from Wifi to the data connection.

To add to this, the company has now launched the beta version of the application which is available to download from Google India’s play store.

You the beta version the YouTube Go, people now can download and share videos with much ease.

Google began promoting its app in September and has launched it now after gathering the much-needed audience and prospective customers.

The Beta version launched following a series of tests and experiments to ensure that the Beta version of YouTube Go is as effective as its parent app.

Here are some of the salient features of the Youtube Go app that make it worth trying:

  1. Download Videos: Users instead of streaming the video will now be able to download it at varied resolution. However, they won’t be able to save the videos in HD as the app is focused towards consuming fewer data. 
  2. Video Sharing: Using the YouTube app the users will now be able to share videos with friends via Bluetooth. This feature saves the data usage and ensures healthy transfer of files from one device to another. 
  3. Preview Video: At times we find some catchy video but when we download them they are not as entertaining as they appear to be. With YouTube Go beta version one can preview video before downloading them or even streaming them. This is a unique feature not available in any of the similar apps.

The above mentioned are some of the hot features that have brought the beta version of YouTube Go in news. The beta version has a lot more to offer to its users.

Youtube Go beta

Here are some of its more features:

  1. From the home page of the app, one can get an insight on what is trending. In short, streaming trending video is easier with the latest version of the app.The feature is similar to that of the landing page of the YouTube where a list of trending videos is highlighted in the right panel of the screen.From the home page of the app, one can even subscribe for channels that one like and get more feeds.
  2. The users of the app are provided with the option to select the resolution on which they would like to save the videos.Although the maximum resolution on the app is 640p m downloading low-quality videos is advisable.Besides the users will not be able to save the videos on HD or Fill HD version that is a video with a resolution of 720p or 1080p.

    Moreover, the users of the app will have the option to select the amount of data they would like to spend on a particular video.

  3. The app as of now is exclusively available in India and support nine languages – English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, and Malayalam.

    Google plans to launch the app elsewhere eventually. However, Google has not yet shed light on his plans to launch the app in other countries.

  4. The app is super fast and doesn’t cause the phone to hang. It can work on less storage space. In short, the app doesn’t ask its user to free some space.
  5. The app can run on any version of Android. Whether you have an older version of Android or Jellybean the app will work as effectively as on the latest Android device.
  6. Its key features download, share and preview video allow the users to maintain control on data usage. These features allow the users to decide how many MBs they would like to use.The app takes up just 8.5MB space on the phone.

Although the app is relatively new in the Indian market, it has attracted enough interest from the prospective customers.

The YouTube Go has been introduced in the market with a tag line of “Mazze Udao, Data Nahi” which actually goes well with the key features of the application.
Using this app one will no longer have to worry about data usage.

One can select as which video he/she would like to view and even save them to watch them in their free time. This is one fun way of preserving something for the free time after work when one feels like to relax.

What’s more?

The app is as of now exclusively available for the Indian audience.This means that other countries will have to wait to get this app on their hands and enjoy unlimited entertainment.

Using the beta version of the YouTube App one can preview the videos without even watching them. This, in turn, will help save a lot of data.

The app was launched in the first week of April and is available to be downloaded from Google store. If you have not experienced the ultimate entertainment of this app, waste no more time and get the app today.

This time Google has provided Indian a privilege to be the first one to try its product. So why to let go the opportunity.

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