Zoom becomes the most downloaded Android app in India

When we talk about video calling apps, we generally talk about Skype, Messenger, Imo, Duo, and WhatsApp. Years back, no one would have thought that another less popular video calling app Zoom would overtake all these apps to be the most downloaded app in the Android platform in India.

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So, how did this happen?

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic that is terrifying people on a global scale, some of the industries like mask manufacturers, sanitizer producers, etc. have grown a lot. With national lockdown being announced for 21 days, people are running out of things to do. One of the primary activities of people these days is to video call their friends and relatives, and stay connected.

Popular apps like WhatsApp were the preferred medium, but the limit of allowing only four persons in a video conference call at a time has pushed the people to look for other better alternatives. With many apps allowing up to 5 to 7, Zoom allows over 50 people in a video conference call at the same time. In fact, no other app has the option of accommodating more than 10 people in a video conference call at present.


Hence, it is of no surprise that Indians have opted for Zoom at present. With more than 100 million downloads recorded in Google Play Store, Zoom is officially the most downloaded Android app in India.

How Zoom gained popularity.

With the majority of people having to work from home, video conference calls have become a must. Also, the students of almost all colleges and universities are doing online classes. Only with Zoom handling masses of the student is possible.

The other popular apps like WhatsApp, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram have also seen a huge increase in the number of downloads and usage. However, with the download of Zoom going up exponentially, these apps have been dethroned.

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