5 Best Dropbox Alternatives to Try

    Just about everyone, no matter what their walk of life looks like, can benefit from a file sharing and storing service. Dropbox has managed to create quite the name for themselves, and they are often the first name that comes to mind when most people think about file sharing. There’s a free option, but it’s never long before you need to purchase more space. And that’s usually where you start exploring alternatives. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled the 5 best Dropbox alternatives.

    1. Google Drive

    Perhaps one of the second file storage options to come to mind is Google Drive. It’s really simple to use and offers 15GB of storage for free. Additional storage starts at $1.99 per month. Managed IT solutions Adelaide likes that it is feature rich and very inexpensive. Another plus is its similarity to the way other popular word processing suites in the market work. You can even use Google Drive on mobile devices or in the app.

    2. Box

    If you tend to do a lot of collaborative work with your files, Box is a great alternative for you. You’ll get 10GB free, and plans start at $5 a month. Since it was designed with businesses in mind, it improves your workflow. It allows you to connect your content across tons of apps, including Slack, Adobe and IBM. You can even use Box Drive offline when you download it to your computer. It doesn’t offer any lifetime storage plans like some of its competitors but their business bundles are impressive.

    3. Icedrive

    This alternative uses the Twofish encryption algorithm, client-side encryption and zero-knowledge privacy to secure your files. Twofish is fast and it encrypts and decrypts. It has an intuitive design that boasts drive-mounting software that makes it feel more like a real hard drive than a virtual one. Users can download Icedrive to a Mac, Windows or Linux system and manage files from within your OS.

    4. pCloud

    One of the great things about pCloud is that you can pay once and use their cloud storage service for a lifetime. Because pCloud is based in Switzerland, you’ll be getting Swiss data protection with client-side encryption and zero-knowledge privacy. This means it’s more secure than Dropbox. You can invite users to private folders, share files and use public folders. It’s easy to use and it has a mobile app.

    5. IDrive

    IDrive is likely the best option for enterprises and businesses. Although there is only 5GB free storage, annual plans start at $59 for the first year. It’s got a host of storage solutions and features backup for unlimited devices on one account. You can share multiple files securely through email with password access to further ensure the safety of your data. And you can grant permissions to others to edit and re-upload files too.

    Regardless of your profession, cloud storage is a great way to make sure that you never lose important files. Whether your use Dropbox as a backup system or as a way to share files or collaborate with others, there are other great alternatives out there that can serve your needs just as good if not better.

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