Today, most of the famous companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon are going to make heavy algorithms and artificial intelligence.In the latest technology trends we saw that Google made his own phone .i.e. Google Pixel Phone that has used AI-powered Google Assistant and it has an algorithm based camera which has become its selling point.

These companies are going to achieve the aspects of many technologies like deep learning, neural networks, and natural language processing if we break down the advance machine learning and AI algorithms.

So here are some Top 10 Disruptive Technology Trends for 2017 that may you need to know are as follows

AI and Advanced Machine Learning

AI and Advanced Machine learning have many technologies which are a little bit different from another algorithms and programs which make machines intelligent. It is predicted that these AI’s will composed applications like robots, autonomous vehicles, consumer electronics, virtual personal assistants, and smart advisors.

AI and Machine LearingIntelligent Apps:

It is true that intelligent Apps like Virtual Personal Assistants have made our life easier. In the future, by using AI, future assistants will be more specialized.  The technology providers will focus on mainly three areas like advanced analytics, AI-powered and increasingly autonomous business processes and AI-powered immersive, conversational and continuous interfaces.

Intelligent Apps

3d printing technology

This is not so new technology but it has created a sudden storm in the market in this year. In the chinda 3d printers made a whole home within only 10 days. It costed only $1000. No only this there are many jaw dropping things 3d printing has done in the recent time. Earlier there were only 3d printer in the market but now companies has developed 3d printing pens too. With the help of good 3d drawing pens you can make 3d objects with your hand itself. It requires some practice offcourse but you will get 3d printing done in very less time. You can make use of 3d printing pens in your small level projects.

Intelligent Things

Many of the intelligent things are going to happen in three categories like robots, drones and autonomous vehicles which will work great in the intelligent and collaborative environment. These machines will use applied machines which will more respond to surroundings and people in a natural way.

Intelligent ThingsVirtual and Augmented Reality

The technology trend we used is VR and AR. Virtual Reality is used for training scenarios and remote experiences… Augmented reality can be used for blending of virtual and real worlds. The digital mesh will be formed by bonding with apps, mobiles, and IoT devices.

Virtual and Augmented RealityDigital Twin

The trend is dynamic twins which have dynamic software model which has sensor data which can understand its state. It combines of metadata, condition or state, event data and analytics. It can be used for planning and repairing equipment services which increase its efficiency. It will be replaced with the skilled human resources and monitoring devices.
Digital Twin

Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers

It is the type of value exchange transactions which have been grouped into blocks. Using cryptographic and assurance mechanisms, each and every block is connected to the previous block across a peer-to-peer network.

Blockchain and Distributed LedgersConversational Systems

Using conversational systems, the interface arena will shift its focus from chatbots to digital meshes which have a wider range of endpoints. We will get great cooperative interaction between devices which can create a new path for digital experience.

Conversational SystemsMesh App and Service Architecture

The technology trend also offers Mesh App and Service Architecture. It also consists of API’s at different levels which will demand its agility and scalability of services. It is long term architectural that is more significant to development tooling and best practices.

Mesh App and Service Architecture

Digital Technology Platforms

It provides building blocks for digital business. The technology trend of digital technology platforms will focus on big points like information systems, customer experience, analytics and intelligence, the IoT, and business ecosystems. Each industry will use these five information systems.

Digital Technology Platforms

Adaptive Security Architecture

The latest technology trend has the motive to focus on security apps because there is a complex world of interconnected platforms and applications. With the introduction of IoT frontier, there will be new security implications.

Adaptive Security Architecture

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