back up your facebook data

Facebook is the app or social networking website where you can add photos, upload photos, check-into places, update status, and list of all friends. You can store your all information in different places. If you want to delete your account permanently, you don’t want to lose your valuable information. So Facebook will provide you some steps which can be used to backup your Facebook data.

There are some steps which can be implemented while backing up your Facebook data are mentioned below:-

Get Started with General Settings:

First of all, go to General Settings of your Facebook page. You can find General Settings on the small downward arrow presents at the top-right of the blue Facebook menu bar. Then choose Settings and then you will be able to see the option “Download a copy of your Facebook Data.”

Get_StartedFind out more:

After selecting on “Download a copy” the page will take you to page that will explain you how and when can you export your data. Now, Click on “And More” and that page will show you what data you want to access and where you want to store that data. So to start downloading, now click on “Start My Archive.”

Confirming your identity:

Facebook always take care of your security on internet. It also takes care of your data, so it also provides you some extra layer of security which will ensures you and can download it. So before you access the data, you need to re-enter your password. Now again, click again on the ‘Start My Archive’ to start up.

conforming your identityDownload the backup:

Now, Facebook will send you two emails; the first will confirms your requested a copy of your data and other one will tell you that download is ready. The second email will confirm your links to archive. Now click the link and download your archive, re-enter your password. Now back up is done.

download the backup
We also have another backup option which wills forms an archive that is much easy to browse. But there are other options by which you can easily back up your data from other social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Following are the various back up options which are mentioned below:-

Social Safe:

It is called desktop program software which will back up your data from social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and another websites. Basically it is free app which will help you in back up of your personal data from up to 4 networks for free of cost. More networks can be saved, if you can buy the premium version for modest fee.


The Backupify app will help you in maintaining and managing businesses. The backup service is always needed to run and maintain the business, and then it is must to use a premium backup service. Backupify is one of the social media back up service which you can avail at $99 per month. This app is one who can automate the process.


The option is Frostbox which is much cheaper than Backupify. It is online backup service which can automate and archive your social media files. This service is available at $6.99 per month.

IDrive Facebook Backup :

Though Facebook has become important part of our lives, yet we always fear that we may lose our favorite data like pictures, files, videos and many more memories. So IDrive provides you secure and encrypted atmosphere which will help you in storing Facebook data, so that your memories will stay with you forever. Your all data from Facebook like pictures and videos can be safely backup into your IDrive account.

It can be done through two ways:
•    Via Web
•    Via Mobile App

•    Login via Web:  You can login to your IDrive account on any web browser. Select the Social Data Backup tab, and then click on ‘FacebookBackup’. Just enter your credentials of FB account which you want to back up and click on Log In and you will get your data done.
•    Via Mobile App:  Download IDrive on your mobile phone. The home screen will appear where you can tap on ‘Backup Facebook’ and like in web browser, enter all your credentials which you want to backup. This app will take backup of your all data.

So, we see that how we can backup of our data of Facebook by following above written methods. We can save our data and keep them safe for future use.

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