Games like Corruption of Champions

The Corruption of Champions (CoC) is an erotic type based video game. The player plays the role of a citizen of a village and every year villagers choose a “Champion” according to its tradition. There are many other Games like Corruption of Champions which are interesting to play.

List of 10 Games like Corruption of Champions

Now, we are going to discuss various Games like Corruption of Champions that are mentioned below: –

#1. Flexible Survival

This game perfectly falls into this category of  Corruption of Champions Alternatives. The Nuku Valente has developed this game. The storyline of this game depends on the incidents which occurred in 2008.

The game starts with the scene of the end of the world where a virus outbreaks and the conditions instigated by the virus. So the main role of the player is that you have to keep yourself safe and alive before the military reach for recovery.

It has various features such as slash combat, character customization options, amazing graphics, world customizations, hack combat etc. It is compatible with all types of devices such as Windows, iOS, and Android etc.

 Flexible Survival : Games like Corruption of Champions

#2. The Poor Whore

 It is a text-based game that can be downloaded on your system. This game works from a first-person The players do various kinds of activities such as explore the surrounding world, communicate with new characters, complete the quests to proceed in next stages and so on.

Being one of the amazing Games like Corruption of Champions, it encounters sex in the form of the second person. It offers many customization options for the character. It is compatible with the window platform.

The Poor Whore

#3. Carnal Souls

 This game includes a lot of sexual stuff. It is RPG based open world adventure video game. It also offers the combat modes that remind you of the Witcher Series.

This game has multiple features that are various types of modifications for characters, solve the uncover stories, mind-blowing storyline, loot the treasure, and amazing exploring the new places etc.

The combat mode allows you to book with the bosses and enemies and you can also get the sexy stuff. You have various options to seduce the demons and continue in the same direction.

Carnal Souls

#4. Free Cities

This game is also the erotic and slavery management Game like Corruption of Champions. Free Cities game is developed for the Twine 2. The player has amazing powers and performs many tasks such as training, selling, buying and manages the slave course etc.

Have a look at this video from Summoners Network as well…

It does not provide any kind of customization for the characters. So the player tries to give good feet forward for slaving fetish and search for realistic and quite slavery. This game is supported by the browser so that you can play this game online.

Free Cities

#5. Fall of Eden

 It is the next game that comes under the category of Games like Corruption of Champions for iPhone. This game is developed by the Fenox. This main focus of this game is the supernatural theme that contains imps and demons.

The player begins the game by researching an abandoned place that is placed in the neighbourhood. Then, accidentally he or she opens the gateway in between the earth and the hellish world.

The players also have to communicate with goddess queen Aria to protect themselves. You can also customize your character as per your choices. This game is compatible with the browser.

Fall of Eden

#6. Kingdom of LoathingGames like Corruption of Champions

You can play this game both single player and multiplayer modes. This game is only available in the Browser. In the game world, you can create your own graphics and character.

So you have to defeat the monsters during battles and earn the experience points, rewards, gaining skills, collecting products & meat and so on. You can also increase the economy by taking part in the trading. It also allows choosing the farming.

Firstly, you select the gender and then choose the character from six classes that are Sauceror, Seal Clubber, Disco Bandit, Turtle Tamer, Accordion Thief and Pastamancer. You can also build your own team with other players and interact with them via chat option.

Kingdom of Loathing

#7. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures

It is a text-based type adventure game that gives the real experience. The Cabrera Brother has developed this game in 2012. It gives amazing sound effects and background music.

The player starts this game with the description of the character, location, and its environment. It is a well-designed game and you have to follow the accomplishments of the man who brings the confidential information of his customers by using cybernetic implants.

7. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures

#8. Gift of Phallius 2: The Key to Eternity

This is not a browser game and allows you to download on your system. It has two versions first is Multimedia and second is Text only. The players play the role of 14-year princess Dalia who is living in a palace.

The whole game is subdivided into multiple stages. It also includes the scene where you will get the chance of having sex with the guard.

#9. Trials in Tainted Space

 This game is developed by two companies one is Crew as CoC and second is Fenoxa. It is also known as TITs that is based on the RPG after CoC. The player researches the new adventures and meets with new characters in coming stages.

The main goal of this game is to communicate with the persons and sex with them. The gaming plot begins with a ship that is left behind by his/her dying father. Then the player sets the world to earn more power and money.

This game contains multiple twists and player high on the lust. So it is a sex and lust driven game.

Trials in Tainted Space

#10. My Very Own Lith

If you would like to play the Games like Corruption of Champions, then My Very Own Lith is the best option for you. This game requires flash player for playing. You can play this game on your system’s browser so that you are not able to download this game on your system.

It offers various versions of the game that are supporter version with cheats, deluxe version, and public version. This game provides tons of options like talk, flirt, seduce, look, take off clothes that help to communicate with the Lith.

The player plays the role of cat and the name is Lith. The selection of gender depends on the player and customizes the options and choices of the character.

My Very Own Lith

As discussed above, there are many Games like Corruption of Champions that gives the real experience and enjoyment. You can spend your free time to play these games. These games are mainly text games like Corruption of Champions so that you will get different understanding rather than other kinds of games.

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  1. Kingdom of Loathing is amazing. I love to play this game. And all other games also seems interesting, I’ll try all of them. Thanks for sharing.


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