Games like Huniepop

The Huniepop game comes under the category of puzzle games for adults. These types of Games like Huniepop are compatible with all types of devices like Android devices, iOS devices, Linux, Microsoft Windows, etc. The main objective of this game is tile matching and dating.

List of 10 Games like Huniepop

Now, we are going to discuss top 10 Games like Huniepop that are mentioned below: –

#1. Kitty Power’s Matchmaker

 This game is the amazing alternative to Games like Huniepop. In 2014, this game is published by the Mastertronic Group. It is supported by all operating systems and consoles. The player plays the role of matchmaker in this game.

The Kitty Powers take the decision of choosing the place for launching the matchmaking business. The main objective of this game is to match the data of one character to another to find the perfect match for each other.

After matching, then you arrange the dating for them according to their tastes like restaurants, follow up questions etc.

itty Power’s Matchmaker

#2. Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

 The Spike Chunsoft has developed this game and the Atlus has published this game. It is compatible with multiple platforms that are Nintendo 3Ds, play stations, consoles, and windows. The player plays the role of the student of the high school and controls its character.

It supports only single-player One day, he wakes as arches and grows in that world and the crazed monsters create posture to threat the society from all over the world. He learns demon hunting for taking the part in the battles

Conception 2

#3. Sengoku Rance

 It is a dating simulation game that contains some comical moments in it. You can enjoy both things in it. The set up of this game is based on the ruthless & rude warrior and his name is Rance.

He saves his nation Zeth from the destruction. But after this, he will run from his nation because he would not like to marry the princess. It also includes some funny movements.

 #4. Roommates

It is a visual type novel game and compatible with all types of operating systems like iOS, Android etc. It is only single player mode game where you have to select the protagonist in between Mane or Anne as per the gender that you would like to play.

In college, Mane plays the role of singer & guitarist and Anne is a shy and studious girl. The storyline of this game contains the experience of Anne or Max with their roommates in their first year and also includes their parties, occasions, birthday celebrations, breaks and many more things.


#5. Shira Oka: Second Chances

Through this game, you will get the chance to play the Games like Huniepop. The game plot of this game is set on a High school and all the characters are humans. It provides tons of mini games so that you enjoy playing these mini-games.

When you begin to play this game you will always get the new story to play it. This game comes with amazing graphics and stunning design in its latest version.

Shira oka

#6. Dandelion – Wishes Brought to You

You play the role of a girl and her name is Heejung Kim. This game includes five cute guys so that the girl can date anyone from them. In this game, the girl is a very busy person in her life and not able to stay happy in her life.

One day, she got a basket with cute five cats and rabbits. After some time, all become cute guys. So now she has to choose one for dating but it only depends on her choice.

Dandelion – Wishes Brought to You

#7. Mystic Messenger: Games like Huniepop

The Cheritz has developed and published this game in 2016. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It is a female-oriented and romance type game. She downloads a magical app and living in a closed flat.

Then she meets with new 6 people and begins a romance with one after another. The main goal of the girl to find the reality of Rika and her organizations. It has an only single-player

Mystic Messenger

#8. C14 Dating

The C14 Dating is another extension to the list of Games like Huniepop. It is amazing dating simulation that includes the combinations of love, friendship, and The player plays the role of Melissa Flores who studies about Anthropology in its summer internship.

In this game, you will follow the instructions and guidelines and then earn few romances and search friendships. It has an optional part to play archaeological mini-games. It contains many things like unique characters, good soundtracks, amazing graphics and many more.

C14 Dating

#9. The Flower Shop

 This game is published by the Winter Wolves in 2010 and supports various platforms that are Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices and so on. It includes one mini-game of farming and supports only single-player It offers lots of character so that you can choose any one and play with it.

It has two versions one is summer and another in winter. So in first part, the players have to harvest the crops and then sell them to make the money whereas, in the second part, the players only grow the flowers.

You can enjoy the adult stuff to select four choices to begin your romance in it.

The Flower Shop

#10. Little Watch Romanesque

It is strategic type game and contains many mini-games. This game includes two young witches’ characters. The player plays the role of the trainer so that you train these two witches and make able to learn new skills.

You have also assigned the new quests and tasks to them and they have to complete these tasks to reach in next stages. It has also included few adults’ scenes. So there are many things that make it one of the Games like Huniepop.

Little Watch Romanesque

We have discussed top 10 Games like Huniepop that offers best game list and a great source of entertainment. You will enjoy the adult stuff, dating themes and enjoy romance through these games. Everyone should play these games and definitely they will get the best experience while playing.

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