Games like Spore

The games like Spore are evolved each year and something new is created in every game by the developers. Today, it is an era of smartphones and there are many games available in the form of Apps to download on your Android devices.

Spore is one of the most famous action games which give you an opportunity to make various species. The game has stunning visuals, animations, storyline, characters and much more.

List of 13 Games like Spore

If you love playing action games like Spore and want to have an amazing game time, try one of the below games on your Android devices:

#1. Thrive

Thrive is first on the list of games like Spore. In this game, the players will get a huge universe in which you can make changes in the manner you love. You can make your own beautiful world with the available options and items.

There are 7 stages in the game which will interest you more to play this game. You are an organism in the game that explores the whole new world and has to train the team.


#2. Flow

Flow is the game which can be played by a single player or multiplayer. The game has wonderful water bodies and nature which you will simply love. You are just a small cell who roams in the water bodies to do various activities such as eat and evolve. It is quite an addictive game which will give you a similar experience as that of Spore.

Flow : Games like Spore#3. Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution

The next on the list of games like Spore is Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution. It is an action game containing RTA elements and has amazing graphics and natural scenery filled with green palm trees.

There are various creatures in the game which you can select. It gives you an idea of the evolution of various species on the earth for billions of years.

 Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution

#4. Eufloria

If you love Physics, you can definitely try playing this game. This game takes place in the space world in which the main character if the Commander of interstellar beings known as Euflorians.

It has become very popular since its release date. The unique graphics and stylish background give the players more excitement to play each version in the game.         Eufloria

#5. Civilization V

Civilization V is one of the best action games like spore which can play as a single player or with friends. You are the protagonist of the game who has to control the civilization with the available resources.

You can build new buildings and structures with given items and create a whole new world of your own. The beautiful graphics and stunning visuals of this game are one of the reasons why people love to play this game.

 Civilization V

#6. Darwin Pond

Darwin Pond is next on the list of games like Spore which you can enjoy playing on your Android devices. There are numerous things available in the game known as the Swimmers and you have to gain control over and them and watch how they evolve from a small organism to large sized creatures.

It is a type of Action-RPG and Life-Simulation Game which will give you immense joy while playing it.

Darwin Pond

#7. Black and White 2games like Spore

Black and White 2 is a Crafting and Building game which can be played by a single player. In this game, the story revolves around the character named Aztec who tries to destroy the world by his huge army and you have to save it using different weapons which are given in the game.

It is created with Real-Time Strategy. You can build a city of your own.

Black and White 2

#8. Void Hunters

Void Hunters game is developed by Jagex Studios. It is an amazing action game which can be included in the list of games like Spore as it involves controlling ships.

You have to destroy the other ships which come on your way and with those parts; you have to make your ship even stronger and bigger. It is a lovely game which will give you a thrilling gaming experience.

Void Hunters

#9. Populous

With breathtaking graphics, amazing sound effects and stunning visual effects, Populous is a fabulous game which is loved by adventure lovers. You are the deity in the game and you have to direct the other followers in the game with the goal to eliminate them. You have to win over the opposite deity by eliminating its followers.


#10. Godus

Godus is a kind of god game. You have to save a man and woman who are drowning in the water and then lead them towards “Promised Land”. You have to build the tent at various levels and you will explore a new world after searching a ship in the game.


#11. The Universim

The next on the list of games like Spore is The Universim. It is a kind of city building and resource management game developed by Crytivo Games. It can be played by a single or two players.

In this game, there is an evolution of the universe from Stone Age to the modern eras. There are various tools which you can use to give shape in the progress of civilization.

The Universim

#12. Dungeon Keeper 2

Dungeon Keeper 2 is a kind of Real-time game developed by Bullfrog Productions. As a dungeon, you have to build and defend the dungeon staying underground from the heroes who try to attack them.

Dungeon Keeper 2

#13. Planetoid 3D

The last on the list of games like Spore is Planetoid 3D which is an action game. You have to control the races of the planet and create your own race who settles in other planets. It has colorful graphics and amazing visual effects.

Planetoid 3D


These are some of the best games like Spore which are developed with a view to provide the amazing gaming experience.These games can also be played on PC/laptops and they give every game a real fun with good IQ levels. You can develop your creativity and learn how to make the full use of resources available to you.


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