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Survey Remover Tool : In the modern era, every person is familiar with the internet. So each and every people see the online surveys when they open the links to various websites.

It is a very time-consuming process to complete various online surveys when you visit the web portal for downloading the file, downloading the full version of the software or something else. After the completion of the online survey, there is no surety you will get original links.

List of Top Survey Remover Tool : Software Extension

There are many best and working surveys and remover tools software is available so that you can bypass online surveys that are discussed below :

#1 Bypass Online Survey through Websites

It is the best online survey remover site. You can easily bypass surveys tool. This site does not include any type of pop up ads or sending any spam emails. Through this site, you will get the original link to your contents. It consists following steps :

Step 1Open this website on the browser of your computer.

Step 2: Then copy the URL of this particular website where you want to bypass online surveys.

Step 3Now paste the copied URL link in the URL box of

Survey Remover ToolStep 4: Finally, you are able to bypass the online survey and after some time you will get the original link of your contents

#2 SurveysreMover : Survey Remover Tool

This is another site to remove the online surveys. This site is used special types of scripts to bypass and remove the online surveys from thousands of websites. It follows same steps of to bypass online surveys.

#3 Sharecash Survey Killer via Sharecash Downloader

It surveys remover tool and bypass software. You can block the surveys by Sharecash. To begin work with this tool, you have to download on your system. It is free of cost and easy to use. It contains various steps that are mentioned below :

Step 1Download this Sharecash Downloader tool.

Step 2After downloading the setup, run this file on your system and install it.

Step 3Open the Sharecash Survey Killer.

Step 4: Enter the URL link to the file which you want to require.

Step 5: Then click on download to save your file in your computer system.

Disabling Java Script :

You can bypass the online surveys by disabling the Java Script on the various browsers. It contains some steps to disable Java Script on a various browser that is following:

How to Disable Java Script in Chrome :

  • Firstly, open the Google Chrome browser on your system.
  • Then click on the Wrench icon which is placed in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Open the settings by simply clicking on settings options
  • After this, go to advanced settings and click on Show advanced settings
  • There are one option Content settings so click on it
  • Then it shows the option of “Do not allow any site to use Java Script”, click on it and disables the Java Script.

How to Disable Java Script in Firefox :

  • To begin with, open the Firefox browser and click on Options
  • Now, select the Content Tab to open its settings
  • Find the Disable Java Script option which will be available there
  • After finding it, click on tick to disable Java Script

Using Browser Extension to Bypass Online Surveys

#4 Xjz Survey Remover : Survey Remover Tool

This extension is used for the Google Chrome browser. Firstly, install this extension for Google Chrome so that you can easily bypass the various online surveys. So when you browse any website via Google Chrome, it automatically detects those websites which require online surveys and block survey irritant websites. It also blocks the survey sites if you visit through Facebook.
Redirect Bypasser :
This is used for the Mozilla Firefox browser. The Redirect Bypasser is best and most popular survey bypass download tools. Firstly, download it and an add-on for your Mozilla Firefox browser to avoid encountering survey sites. To begin with, it detects survey websites and then blocks them to save your time. After this, it redirects easily them to the targeted pages.
Survey Remover Tool :
You can easily eliminate any online survey through it. With the help of survey remover tool, you can visit any website and can download the files without doing any online survey. You can also block any survey site. It is simple, user-friendly and free of cost. You follow two steps that are:

Step 1: Enter the URL of file which you want to download

Step 2: This software automatically complete or bypass the survey and you easily get the download link to your file.

#6 Survey Smasher Poll Tool

You can block any survey through it. It is a very user-friendly interface and easy to use. It does not go through any survey protection and load any Mediafire file. You can also convert more than one links with a single It does not require any registration process for an account on the survey smasher for using this tool.

It does not charge any cost to use it. It is most compatible with the Google Chrome browser. You able to download the various types of files from file sharing sites where users have to complete online surveys before downloading any file.

So you can easily ignore these online surveys by using it. You can also remove encrypt URL, objects, remove cookies and so on.

#7 Polls Remove : Survey Remover Tool

It is used to download the block contents. It is also known as Content Unlocker Software. It is simple, easy to use and free of cost. It provides the facility to download the locked file which is wrapped with some kind of online surveys. So you can easily download blocked files and ignore the process of filling survey forms with SurveyRemover software.

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